September 01, 2006

Preview of eQuinox

Here is one of (30!) Albina McPhail's 6"x6" mixed media paintings which arrived yesterday at our gallery - artstream. Oh my! oh my! are they lovely lovely lovely.
They are going directly into the shop and our walls at the same time - so click here to see the details at the shop. We will continue to add pieces from this collection to the shop, so stop back again! They are truly beautiful works of art which could go most anywhere and set off a room into botanical splendor! Beautifully executed with much attention to detail, many have paper inclusions and are just perfect in everyway.

The word for today is ... dependable ... like those who you can trust to come through, a professional attitude and those trusty birkenstock shoes for the garden.


andrea said...

What I am particularly impressed by is the confidence of her line: delicate yet strong, like nature herself.

Oh my. Now I'm seriously intimidated.

angela said...

susan, her work is brilliance. and she'll be a beautiful extension to the gallery. i believe andrea said it best. there's confidence in her line. almost contradictions that simply blend themselves. the delicate and strong.

enjoy these pieces of art. and share these pieces of art.



Vedrana M. said...

nice! and great blog, it's important to keep the art alive in this world..take care

Heartful said...

Ooooh, how beautiful! Oh to have that kind of vision!