September 26, 2006

Pink Bathtub Designs

We just picked up a line of hand carved, block printed cards from the amazing Pink Bathtub. What makes these cards so special, in my opinion, is it takes so much work to make each and every one. Each block is hand carved and hand printed so no two are alike. We popped some in the shop here - and are getting ready to put together another order as they are very popular.
Also, I just posted a piece on making masks over at Whipup... more about masks later in the week as I finish one.

Have some fun today - make a scribble or a cupcake or a beautiful paper collage because the word for the day is ... enjoy ... you know how to do that!


Anonymous said...

Love the blue and white card !!

Pat said...

So lovely. Calming. P at

natasha said...

oooh they are so pretty! i just packed up your order and put a little collage and a poppy pin in look for it!

Unknown said...

Susan those are wonderful!