September 05, 2006

Eve Corey - Towers

Eve Corey is featured with Tom Glover,Albina McPhail and Andrea Pratt in our next exhibition - Two views of Tuscany . She is one of my favorite painters on the seacoast and she is also an assemblage artist. Here are a couple of views of her Towers. They are made from wood and range from tiny (3 by 6 inches) to large (36 x 8 inches) all painted in brilliant colors except for the one above. I adore them and can't wait to get them up for exhibition. Some of them (smaller ones) will go into the shop. They are modern, but not austere. They take on a different look when placed at different heights (floor standing or table). They are mysterious yet soothing. I want to go exploring inside one!

The word for the day is ... savour ... the last warm days of summer, each day you are given, and that cup of coffee in the garden.


angela said...


savour feels like its one of my favourite words these days. like savouring a glass of wine, and savouring words that you don't want to let go of. savouring a kiss or savouring a memory. savouring the moment and that said, we can savour the dream too.

and i think all your definitions of savour are just all too perfect too!



Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Friday I will savor a cup of tea with you! May all your towers take you to new discoveries