August 09, 2006

U Rock Penhollow Press Cards

I love Penhollow Press and the cards which they make! We are carrying their work in cards and notes at the gallery. Here is one which we have added to our new shop... enjoy! (more designs will appear there soon ... keep watching!)
I still don't feel wonderful but today is so lovely, we are heading out to the beach.

The word for the day is ... whimsey ... as in something cute but not overly, a flight of fancy and a word which according to Tammy is underused.


Lena said...

hi susan
i hope you had a great day at the beach (and are feeling better). thank you, thank you, for your comment on my blog today : )


Anonymous said...

Ahhh...the beach...wish I was there, too. I hope you're feeling better, Susan. Whimsey...just the sound of that word is light and happy.

LadyLinoleum said...

Nice...the front of that card would be a faboo filet crochet piece.