August 27, 2006


skaket beach grass

nauset beach at twilight


skaket beach does andy goldsworthy, without andy goldsworthy ...

Ah vacation. There is nothing like it for finding inspiration in the simple beautiful things around you. Here are some shots from our beach vacation, this past week where I was able to:

draw draw draw
think and ponder some more
love my family more directly
wander around at dawn on the beach
sleep to the sound of waves
collect sanity in huge sandy handfuls.
gallery hop and window shop

Nice to go away, nice to return home. To me there is nothing like Nauset beach to bring your mind forward whilst keeping your body quite in one magnificent spot.

The word for the day is ... depth ... as in the level at which you live your life and relationships you have with others.


Anabel said...

Beautiful photoS!
Thanks for visiting my blog:-)

angela said...

oh. seeing these photos gives me a longing to be there. east coast. shores. ocean. wind.

so good to have you back though my dear. missed you something terribly sweet.

and that phone call yesterday. geesh. was it really two hours?



Funky Finds said...

Looks fabulous! :)

LadyLinoleum said...

Love the pic of corbels...just stunning. And can I tell you how much I heart Andy Goldsworthy? And yes those grassy snakey objects are very AG.


Anonymous said...

Heaven! You must feel sooo relaxed now, Susan.

Ptelea said...

What a wonderful description of inspiration and vacation - I will remember this. I found your site via Williebaronet! Thanks

natasha said...

spiral jetty has got nothing on you! your blog is just lovely!

where is this gorgeous beach?

Pat said...

Oh Nauset Beach! OPne of my favorite places on earth. Sounds like you had a splendiforous vaca. Great pix, too. Pat

diana said...

hey Susan.... missed your posts !! I am going to call you tomorrow.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

You inspire us with your depth and insight!

One Crabapple said...

wander around the beach at

...bring your mind forward whilst keeping your body in one spot....

hmmm, I like that.

Heartful said...

How beautiful!!