July 20, 2006

Nick Park

Nick Park is a graduate of UNH's BFA program and one of our favorite artists at the gallery. Remember this winter his work which I showed here? Well all of you who live in SF can hop on over to view his latest work at Medicine at the corner of Sutter at Kerny... He sent me this lovely invitation and sadly I can't fly out to one of the coolest places ever to attend. It looks stunning though and as a big fan of his work I would reccomend it heartily. These watercolors look juicy!
Here is an excerpt he sent me about the work:
'Lost in Space' is a phrase that gives the sense of vastness. Put aside the hopeless aspect of being lost and take the macrocosm of celestial bodies down in size to the plant life around us and one can lose oneself in the clusters and space with a more graspable but equally complex intensity. These watercolors are about witnessing natural organization. I am calling it 'Plantarium' to link the kingdom of flora with the spread of galactic bodies projected in gazing domes. While the size of the work is smaller than the dome of a planetarium I hope that balance and expansion (things true to both of these instances of macro and micro-nature) will be held in the work.

Here are two of the works which will appear at the show as well as the poster for the event.
August 3 from 6-9 p.m. Just go... he is a wonderful person and a fabulous artist and deserves the support!

The word for the day is ... lazy ... as in doing a lot of nothing, trying to avoid work at all and a nap when you really don't need it!


freethoughtguy said...

"Lazy" is OK! And one can be lazy and soak up fine art too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colours! I hope he has a fabulous time at the opening in San Francisco!

carla said...

These two pieces have a meditative quality to them...I could certainly get lost in them! The colors are just wonderful.