July 13, 2006

Home and abroad

neighbors 8x8x2.5 acrylic
dedicated to our dear dear neighbors MaryBeth and Christian

Today is getting full already ... just found out that my dream garden and six "Home" series pieces are juried into the Market 100 exhibit in Portsmouth. Well, hooray! Better that they are abroad than in my studio, right? It is a beautiful space - alternative gallery housing law firms, banana republic and some other businesses. It is always fun to show there too so I will make sure I get photos at the opening later this month and share them. Three shows in a summer though have been a little much. Good thing I have all the paintings ready!

Much more importantly, could you all keep my mother and my friend Pat in your healing prayers and thoughts? My mom had eye surgery yesterday and we are hoping that it will help correct some of her vision. She is almost blind and still quite healthy and active in every other way. This operation could make or break what is left of her vision. It is difficult at best to keep this woman down. My friend Pat could use some healing thoughts too ... she is having extensive testing done this week and next in Boston and has been through a lot already with not knowing what is causing her blood to not function correctly. It is serious and we are worries. Please send wishes to her at this link. Pat is the one who took those amazing photos of the sand sculptures.

And lastly, we are off to Brooklyn to celebrate our dear friend Tamara's 40th birthday. Tammy and Nancy (her mother) have had a batik business on Atlantic Ave between Nevins and Third for over 30 years. They sell there whimsical baby clothing and delightful adult tees and scarves worldwide and are just two of the most wonderful people in the world! Hoping to meet up with a couple of very special blogging people there as well too ... will show all on our return next week. Will someone please call off this rain?

The word for the day is ... HOPE ... as in never give up, believe, and it WILL work out.


Anonymous said...

cant wait to see the exhibit in portsmouth... sending hope and prayers your way... have fun in NYC

andrea said...

"It is difficult at best to keep this woman down" -- like mother, like daughter! Best wishes to all and congrats on the show! (BTW I am relieved to read that your summer continues to be as hectic as my own ... we'll connect again when it slows a bit.)

angela said...

susan... thinking of you today in new york and wishing we could say the word coffee together!

but also thinking of your mother, and of pat... and just as your word of the day says. sending hope.


C. Robin Janning said...

My thoughts are with you, your Mother, and your friend Pat. As you send out hope, I pray and "intend" that it be returned to you.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the shows.

Sending good thoughts, healing energy, and prayers for your Mom and Friend.

have fun in NY

Anonymous said...

Have a fabulous time in Brooklyn, Susan! I'm looking forward to seeing you there in the Fall!