July 07, 2006

Bayou (Skyline)

bayou acrylic and ink 8"x 8"x2.5"

Last night before we shut our eyes around midnight, I spied a bright yellow green light the size of a LED in the window! It was flashing off and on. I was amazed! A live firefly! My German husband had never seen (in his words) ... a flashlight sort of bug. They are more like "glowing embers" in Germany he said, not this wild ambulance light of an insect which we have. It put on quite a show for a few minutes and then disappeared ... or did I go to sleep? Ah well, either way, it was fantastic. There seems to be less and less of them around which is sad to me as they are one of the few insects that I find facinating.

Here is the second work from the series. Bayou. A small house on the open water out of the Bayou in Louisiana somewhere in my dream away from it all under a deep red moon. The people inside are having a dance party with all the lanterns and candles in the house lit.

That's my rural skyline for Illustration Friday too. Go to IF to find more skylines!


franhilz said...

wow! this piece is wonderful susan
so beautiful
amazing colors and a touch of innocence
peaceful and nice
very good - I liked a LOT!

claudine hellmuth said...


another lovely work!!!

Fernanda Guedes said...

Lovely colors!

Majeak Ann said...

this is very VERY beautiful.love specially the mood.

-Marjorie Ann

Jana Bouc said...

I love the way you captured the look and feel of the water. It's beautiful. I also like the playful colors of the moon and house and the way it glows.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Your writing painted a delightful scene! As perfect as any painting of yours! delightful, Can I come to the party inside that house?

carla said...

Another beauty, Susan! I love the treatment of the water and the glow around the house and moon. It's dreamy!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT SUSAN! Is that you dancing behind the windows?? I have never seen a firefly either - how magical!

Edric Hsu said...

Your house seems to have facial expressions, and appeared to be startled by the brilliant red crescent! :D
My first encounter with a green firefly was in Vienna, right after sampling some of their Absinthe liquor at the Schnapps factory...
I positively thought it was the Green Fairy! LOL

Amy Farrier said...

i love the light reflections on the water and the slice of red moon. it makes me want to go for a midnight swim.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful reds! I like your description of the painting, too. I can already hear the cajun music playing from inside!