June 21, 2006

Treasure Boxes

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Here is a box of trinkets - the pendants sans neck pieces which I have not put together yet. I am not a collector of things, however ... I adore containers. A nod to usefulness, tidyness, and a general sense of place for everything-ness I guess. I like cigar boxes, altoids tins, containers of every kind. Boxes, tins, containers, glass jars, vessels of all sorts ... Ask Cilla! We spent yesterday at IKEA- below Boston, getting containers for daughter Chloe's built in closet which Rainer made for her. It was Cilla's first trip to IKEA.
It was mind bending for her. I am always amazed when I go to IKEA because they are the same worldwide. It is a fun trip, for vessel shopping. I am not overly interested in the furniture, but I am interested in the textiles, the vessels, the lighting, and sometimes the frames. We dawdled and poked around as one does on the first trip. DH, Rainer had quite a time with me in Germany at his local IKEA and my "first visit". He soon after sent me a link to a funny funny article/spoof game here.
We go about oncea year, and this year's trip was fun with Cilla along, finishing up the closet portion of Chloe's bedroom. It is almost complete! Her curtains are finished, thanks to Cynthia's Designs and ReproDepot fabric - found through a tip from the best design blog out there - design*sponge - [thanks Grace!] and after today's trip to the beach, we should be very close to assembling the room to shoot some photos of the finished masterpiece. I am so proud of DH's handywork from laying a floor, creating a built in closet to general painting, wallpaper removal (including Cilla here on the wallpaper removal ... thanks again!) and window rebuilding. What a handyman! Here is one sneak shot of the almost finished built ins! The baskets fit perfectly. A place for everything and everything in it's place!

What's in your treasure box? Tell me!

The word for the day is ... sand ... as in finish work for the carpenter, the stuff at the beach between your toes and a yummy cake from Germany!


Susan Schwake said...

thanks a.! we fussed and mussed over the colors, she chose pink, so it is the same pink in three tones, [it's called cupcake] and decided on soft turqoise and chocolate brown accents. good for 12 yrs. and good for age 18 i hope!

andrea said...

We live 15 minutes from what was probably the first Ikea in North America (they even named the street --Sweden Way -- to match) in the mid '70s and I've been going regularly ever since. It's my Wal-Mart. :)

Angela Wales Rockett said...

I could seriously use some great shelves and baskets like that. So little space in my studio, so much stuff.

I too have a thing for boxes. Though I have several, my treasure box would probably be the one with notes written to me by my husband while we were dating and a few pieces of antique costume jewelry.

diana said...

great colors, great design, and Ikea is great too !!
My daughter has the same colors in her room too !

Anonymous said...

They are not really the same worldwide. We dont have the Textile department here in Perth. :*)

Anonymous said...


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

in my treasure box I collect prayer cards and seashells.