June 14, 2006


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Phew... 10 p.m. and we finally finished hanging the show. hooray for Adam, for without Adam there would be no show. Hooray for Joanna or I would have gone nuts this week! More on this tomorrow...
And now for something completely different.


I have this preoccupation during the winter to do things out of my comfort zone. This winter was the same as four winters ago - make jewelry. Four winters ago I made about 100 tiny white fimo doves. Maybe, I will snap a shot of them tomorrow, just forgot about it today with all the activity here. I had this idea to make them into earrings and necklaces and who knows what. With the help of Rhonda, I did get a (0ne) pair made. The rest are still a restless flock waiting for inspiration to move them forward.

This winter I choose white stoneware clay, which I am much more familiar with. I decided to make pendants from a small circle pressed from a little amber jar (which would fit about two tablespoons of something in it) and experiment with the little circle by carving and mark making.

Again, focusing on the actual pendant and not the assemblage of said necklaces, I forged ahead.
I made about 50 of the circle pendants, each with different marks and ideas. I enjoy pushing myself into making multiples of "things" (but each different still) sometimes and this was no exception. I keep the extras in a cigar box as well, how many of these "things" do I really need to "have on hand"? I knew I wanted to use acrylic paints, shoepolish and ink to color the marks and pendants themselves, as well I wanted to use satin ribbon for a bit of a conflict/tension in the final look. Rough meets smooth. But how to put them together?

It took awhile but with the help and ideas of Amy Oullette and a couple of other lampworkers and beaders, it all came together. Here are a few of the final pieces resting on top of one of my gelatin monotypes. I am MUCH more comfortable working with printmaking. So there you have it.
Clay pendants - my latest crafty bit. Nothing overly special, but man the process was just so much fun! So it is perhaps my best crafting effort in the past six months. Tiny scultpures in a way to me!

Inspire me Thursdays!

had a little hand in this too! Go see some more inspired work there ...

The word for the day is ... puzzle ... as in many aspects of life, how to fit four artists work together in one space, and what the heck was THAT about?


Funky Finds said...

ok, the jewelry is breathtaking! i think you should make more...more i say! :)

Pat said...

So, are you a crafty-artist?
Do you have artsy crafts? And what IS the intersection of 'craft' and 'art'?
Is it beautifully useful or artistically functional? Must it have a name when all you do is grand? I LOVE the sculptural pedants. And, btw, you WILL see Larry and I at the opening tomorrow evening. Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Oh I really like these, Susan. I like the colours you've used and the pressed shapes in the clay are very organic and symbolic. They remind me of ancient markings on walls.

andrea said...

Susan: you have achieved a perfect balance here, in my never humble opinion :), of form, function and design. The natural, simple decoration on the natural material and finish work great. How much are you selling them for? And do you sell them with a different 'hanger'? (Some natural fibre, like lacing or leather would be great.) Hanging them on ribbon makes them look too much like the multitude of soccer and Australian football medals we have hanging around this place, but that's probably just me :). They are simply lovely.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes I quite enjoy all these pendants. They are so choice. I may even pick one up if I have the chance.

carla said...

These are really pretty! I love the way the color is deeper in the etchings. The designs look like primitive symbols...they make me think of magical amulets! I agree with Andrea that the ribbons make them look a bit like medals. I'd love ot see them on leather or a silk cord - something thinner that wouldn't compete with the beauty of the pendants.

Anonymous said...

I love the pendants/necklaces...and your blog is very inspiring.

Once upon a time (different time and place, when I actually had time) I used to do the same kind of thing...make multiples of something, with variations. Everything from magnets to beaded crowns for kids to jewelry to handpainted wooden pendents.

Your blog just reminded me how much fun I had...oh, how I miss doing those types of things. =)

Dawn said...

Your pendants are wonderful! Love them!!!!