June 23, 2006

More cats, designer style

Check out this high designin' kitty at Bruce Andrew McKay's site! He is totally in the pink...
bigcatheads ~ the blog: Karim Rashid's Cat - 36" x 48".


BAM said...

Thanks for the link Susan. I actually sent a link to this piece to Mr. Rashid himself. We'll see if he buys it.

Pat said...

Here kitty kitty kitty and I am NOT decidedly NOT a kitty lover. But cute anyway.

I will bring some postcards to you next week -- perhaps a few other recent pieces as well. And thanks for compliments.

One Crabapple said...

ahahahhaha. This is great !

Thanks for playing PINK !

Loved it !

xxo- S.

Pat said...

We had one lovely large white poppy. All the other buds got waterlogged from the May rains. Oh but what a blessing to have that one gorgeous poppy.

The one you commented on is a "photoshopped" version of my original photo. I used a various filters and was happy with the results.

Susan Schwake said...

bruce: yes, let's hope he does! i love it.

one crabapple:pink pink!
pat: thanks for the poppy!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

too funny, the pink on pink, and that cat doesn't seem to like either the chair or his color or having his protrait painted!