June 12, 2006

Color of Summer III

remember to click on any image to view it larger...

The first image is from Ashley Bullard, oil on linen, 18 by 24 inches
second image is "Love Spring" from Mitchell Rosenzweig oil on canvas
third image is a wall sculpture (framed) butterfly from Cilla Stiles 5" by 5"
fourth image is "Fatherhood" by Bruce Andrew McKay acrylic 36 by 48

More images of work to see at our upcoming opening of "The Colors of Summer" Friday night at artstream. Opening time 5:30-7:30, come enjoy some Charles Shaw and goodies. Come see it live and meet the artists!

The word for the day is ... abound ... as in abundant sunshine, love in the house and possibilities!


Angela Wales Rockett said...

Wow! These are all so beautiful. I wish I could see them inperson.

Sarah .B. Scott said...

Wonderful work, all of them! The one at the top is my favorite, though!

Pat said...

I keep saying I'll make it to an opening....this one for sure! Wonderful work and I can't wait to see it. Pat

Susan Schwake said...

hey hey girlfriend a. let's both have a go at em! i have never painted a boat.
you are always welcome to visit too!

Anonymous said...

I love the top two paintings, Susan. They remind me of paintings by the Fauves - so colorful, so vivid. Real treats for the eyes!