June 03, 2006

Clay Pendant

highfire stoneware clay, sterling silver clasps, silk ribbon
click for a larger view

Inspire me Thursday's challenge for the week was to show some Functional Art. I usually make some sort of small clay jewelry work during the winter to keep me from going batty. Last year they were small white doves which I made into earrings and necklaces. This year I choose to work with a small circle for pendants and carve each one with different marks. (I am a mark maker in most of my work.)
Here is one of my clay pendant necklaces which I made this winter. It took me until spring to figure out the rest of the necklace. Thanks to a few jewelry makers and lampworkers, I got the jist of what to do with my parts and ideas. Each piece is handcarved out of highfire stoneware clay. They are finished with layers and layers of acrylic paint, stained with waxy shoe polish and sealed to last a lifetime or two.
Some appear on thick or thin silk ribbons, a few on black linen. Some hang down long some are more of a choker length. I had fun making these theraputic little carvings. They are all for sale for $22. Want one? Want to see more? Just email me.

The word for the day is ... edit ... as in shortening your text, your work or your plans for a lazy weekend!


Unknown said...

WOW looks so beautiful and elegant vt the ribbon luvley!!

Teri said...

This is beautiful and creative! Wonderful way to keep busy in the winter.

Sarah .B. Scott said...

Beautiful work! I just love jewelry, especially handmade!

Judy Scott said...

So beautiful, Jx

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Where does your creativity come from? Does it bubbling in your constantly?
Everyday is some way?
Oh never edit yourself!!

Unknown said...

this is gorgeous. i love the ribbon!

Unknown said...

I love mark making. Your pendant is wonderful and yes you need to try the PMC. You marks would look terrific in this clay.

Monica said...

So beautiful! Love the colors!