June 18, 2006

bigcatheads ~ the blog: Artstream Show

mj and tom

Bruce McKay and Rainer did have a shoot out with their cameras ... read all about it below at Bruce's blog. The opening was delightful, followed by a second event on Saturday night, Moonlight Madness hosted by CORE. Art Esprit the group had their first ever fundraiser: Art and Book sale. It was a huge success! To say the very least I am rather pooped out and going back to enjoying my Sunday afternoon in the garden... enjoy the photos! And a huge huge thanks for Bruce and Nora driving down from Toronto and Mitchell driving up from New Mexico! The show is just shimmering with color and life. You must come see it!
There are no words for today as it all is just too beautiful for words!

ashely bullard

mitchell and marshall


judith and david
bigcatheads ~ the blog: Artstream Show


Anonymous said...

Hey! I made the front page! It's a great show for the summer.

Sarah .B. Scott said...

I really enjoy seeing the photos of your events/openings!