May 16, 2006

It's slowing down!

art by nature
spotted at 7 p.m out the front door by Chloe!
more human made art tomorrow... this is the first blue patch of sky we have seen in a week!


Pat said...

Hello! We didn't get that blue patch of sky down here....but the sun WANTS to come out and periodically pushes the clouds away to leave a stark white sky. We had major flooding at school; I'm not sure just when we'll open for business. Larry and I took a look at the Salmon Falls River as it courses down to that bridge between Berwick and Somersworth. The bridge is closed and many fear for its integrity. One can hear the strain of the weight of water against the metal while standing there. National Guard troops on both sides. Very scary and it all hinges on the integrity of the Milton Dam up river . . . . but there will be some more blue sky tomorrow!!! "The sun will come out tomorrow! Tomorrow!"

Funky Finds said...

Have you been in the flood this week? Wow. Nice photo! Glad it's finally clearing off for ya'll.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

When the sun returns, everything becomes heavenly!
Rainbows and happiness be your s today!