May 28, 2006


Friesen collage transfer/acrylic on mdf board 11"x 14" x 1"
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inspire me thursday ... with words in your art

This work was hard to photograph, even for Perry the pro who did this shot. It has 20 layers of medium on it with each layer adding a new collage piece. I used the phototransfer method along with lots of glazing with acrylic paint and medium. Medium of choice is the lucious Golden soft gel. If you haven't used this just go and get some. It is wonderful stuff!
I love this work as it incorporates many special things to me including A lomo photo my husband took of me in NYC, our tickets to the Documenta 11 in 2002, MoMA tickets, a postmark from a letter from my friend Anges in Montreal, and a snippet of a newspaper from our visit to Hamburg.

I enjoyed making this piece and won't sell it even though I have had many offers. It's too personal. Guess it is time to find a place for it again in my home. Once things come here, they are keepers. I had been on the fence for a long time about it, but writing about it here today makes me realize it was made for me.

*** an addition to answer the transfer questions ..... Here is a link to a great artist whom I met a few years ago on the internet - Paul Fujita - we swapped a piece of artwork and I will show you that at a later date. He has a tutorial for the transfer process which I used in this piece and it is quite complete. Please go here to see that and to here to see his work. ***

The word for the day is ... paint ... as in a cupcake pink bedroom in progress, the stuff which makes me enjoy life, and to paint the town red ... occasionally!


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

"Once things come here(into the home)they are keepers."
I can see why, and I love this phrase, the depth that rest inside it.

Pat said...

I LOVE THIS PIECE! So personal ~~ visually compelling ~~ a strong narrative line.

carla said...

This is really gorgeous, Susan. It has tremendous depth, literally, visually, and conceptually. I love that it has so much of you and your experiences in it; you must find a special place of honor to hang it. And wow...such a labor of love with all those layers!

Maggie Lamarre said...

This is fantastic. What is the transfer technique?
Thank you,
Have a great weekend

arvindh said...

like the warm background!

Monica said...

Beautiful art! I love how the blue pops up at the bottom corner! Great piece.

Karen Jinks said...

This is a gorgeous collage, don't blame you for wanting to hold onto it!