May 12, 2006

Emerging Artists and their Mentors

Sarah, from the Sparhawk School, mixed media sculpture part of an installation 16" x 5" x 3"

A blip on the radar, yesterday was a blur.... no posts ... too busy.
How did it become Friday already? Smiling here from full day yesterday .... First early early 5 a.m. early Mary Jo and I met gallery owners Molly from the Cordwainer Gallery and Carrie to attend the NH Women of Distinction breakfast in Bedford Village Inn at 7. as in A.M. way too early but we had a great time and met up with some of the states most influential, moving women. I even won a raffle for dinner at a fancy schmancy restaurant and for having the l o n g e s t name I won this beautiful arrangement on our table.

Then it was back to the gallery for classes and hanging of our new one month Emerging artists show. Full of juried art created by high school juniors and seniors in all media. Hey, I would have loved to have had the experience of going through a juried process as a high schooler and have my work shown at a gallery, so now that I own one, I figured why not? This is our third annual exhibition and it is a really exciting way to use the gallery. Their mentors love the opportunity to exhibit work as well and because they are busy teaching, most do not get the chance to show their work. We finished up hanging the work after a short four hours due completely to our expert gallery advisor, Adam Pearson and surprise guest helper Rhonda Mann! She is the mentor to Sarah, whose work is above. I fell into bed quite quickly last night but had nice dreams of lots of happy young adults attending tonight's opening. Stop by from 5:30 -7:30 for some wonderful deals on the freshest new artwork in the area. Most work is under $100.
AND! Two of the mentors from our local high school + instructors at artstream will be showing in the eQuniox gallery. Meet Abra Andrews and Jennifer Daly. Both have work in black and white. Abra's photographs and Jennifer's pen and ink drawings. STUNNING! Photos tomorrow...

The word for the day is ... drizzle ... as in the sum of the past week's weather, what to do with a cake and a thin icing, and the misty way that rain can fall.


andrea said...

I think it's fantastic that you do a high school exhibition each year -- and it seems like smart marketing, too! I would've loved that opportunity when I was in high school. So much better than the local mall display.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Like a smile, noticing the talent of the young creates a good rippling effect!

You are just the sort of person to affirm others and we are blessed to see the positive results!