April 08, 2006


4" x 7"
ink, watercolors
on #140 Arches

This is one of the 20 illustrations I have created to make into cards to sell at the gallery. With the crazy cold weather we have had this week, I felt I should leave you with some warmer visions of spring here today! Last night, coming home from the Rochester Opera House (my local non profit involvement) event we heard the peepers sing! Chloe pronounced that it was truly spring now! What is a peeper?

One week from today we have our
Art to Wear/Home Decor show. These will appear for sale there along with 40 other artists and designer's wares. There will be a spotlight on a few of them this week here at the blog and after the show you can actually buy some of their work online at our gallery site. I hope you will enjoy this either virtually or live at the gallery!

The word for the day is ... warm ... like the spring rain, the summer sun and all things cozy.


Anonymous said...


Debra said...

delightful card.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

they seem to be admiring one another and enjoying a happy go lucky conversation!

Tim Rice said...

Neat art work and blog. I had an enjoyable time wandering through a portion. Thanks.

Blogging Masterclass said...

Hi Susan!

I love peepers...they are the cutest, huh? We have tons of them behind our house in the pond and they sing to us on the warm nights. It's one of those things I never got to enjoy living in the city for 15 years - it's really something I've become quite fond of. I think that when we move back to the city, I'll have to find a peepers CD or something to lull me to sleep. :)

Also, your cards are so adorable! I'll have to check them out in person at some point.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

You have lots of very nice work here on your Blog !! Keep it up !!