April 10, 2006

Davis Studio Modern Table Art

Seed Pods and Vases

assorted sizes
assorted colors
assorted patterns

Mary Anne and I met here in blogville.
We are the same age and have had similar
travels and ideals ... I shared my blog banner code with her and she is now sharing her porcelain with us at artstream!
We are thrilled to be receiving these beautiful porcelain vases for our inventory this week. I think they are delightful and give us the boost in spring color which we in the North East are in great need of now.

Mary Anne's work can be found at her website too. Her blog is full of meaningful ideas and words on peace, blogging, global responsiblity as well as her beautiful hand worked porcelain. She has been involved with some very interesting projects, the one here at The New Contemporary Museum of Art in NYC. Here is a link to some production photos of how these vases were created. And in the spirit of showing a lot of artists at work, I give you a shot of Mary Anne's studio. What an art filled, colorful place to be! Thanks to Mary Anne for the use of her photographs.
The word for the day is ... small ... as in hand made one by one, as a package in which something really good comes in and a mind which needs opening.

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LDahl said...

Wow, these are so beautiful and fresh! I love them.