March 28, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

my first try with
self portrait tuesday
This is called "time with self"

a still life & a self portrait

Mornings are "self "times here. Obviously I fell asleep right away after this.



hi susan:

thanks for your visit to my blog. You have great artworks here! I love their bright, happy and wonderful colors!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

i like the light strips on your forehead, very modern tribal girl U R !! Glad to see you!!

Anonymous said...

Modern Tribal Girl, hmmm, I like that. Fits your occupation I think. Nice shot. I hate photos of myself, you look good!

Susan Schwake said...

oooh i love that name. modern tribal girl.
and to think i was just sitting on the couch taking in the morning sun ...
thank you for such kind words.
the whole idea of a self portrait kind of freaked me out.

but now i have some new painting ideas...

angela said...

oh susan... lovely you. and reading corey's words made me smile. you know, those smiles that start somewhere deep down in the heart and spread their way up...

and out.

yes to self portraits. and inspiration for paintings.



mcaplan said...

I love the idea of a day for self discovery! Helps bring you back to center, something our busy lives seem to ensure isn't a reality! Inspiring!!

Thank you for visiting Creative Swoon! I am really excited aboutt he possibilities! I will be checking out your link for sure!!

All the best,

Susan Schwake said...

yes, Self Portrait Tuesday is a scary, introspective, wildly challenging creative experience.
Took me awhile to get the courage up.
Go to kath red's site here to get the scoop:

Cally said...

i like this photo, a lot.