March 25, 2006

Mitchell Rosenzweig
Blue Cloud

oil 38" by 48"

This painting is on exhibition now at the gallery.
It is a stunning piece with all of the atmospheric qualities of the land which he is painting about ... New Mexico.
For more information on Mitchell you can visit his web site here or drop us a line. We would love to chat with you about his work.


Anonymous said...

Oh this is wonderful Susan, how large is it? I can just imagine it in a huge scale, but then it would be interesting tiny as well.

Susan Schwake said...

oh yes Ulla, it is rather large.
I forgot the " marks!
It is wall covering size. and yes, I could see it small too..

Libra Larki said...

Hi Susan,

You,r artwork(Monotype)"Blizzard"
is beautiful!