March 24, 2006

Illustration Friday

what a great reason to draw!

this is my version of
today's word from
Illustration Friday.

I just found out about this great drawing project in the past month and this is my first time trying it.

This is the monster I fear most!

Now go draw something, will you?

p.s. when the I.F. word is sent to me, i just go to photoshop and make a quickie sketch. ... no great art here, just an idea and a doodle. Doodling is good.


Majane said...

very nice!

Abbie said...

Ha! Being from NH I love it!! and totally get it! Excellent entry.. what gallery?


I too hate the April Snow Monster

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

great image!! Isn't it the truth too!! Spring come on down!!

Unknown said...

oooh i love love love the colors, but not so much the snow in april part...i'm praying for a heat wave! :)

georg said...

To your monster I will say: Monster go home! I don't like snow in april! But if he would go on holiday now and come back in december, I would be very pleased.
Nice illo, good idea.

TheTart said...

Love the big pink snow monster!

You go girl...welcome to the IF!

The Tart

Unknown said...

nice illo!

Anonymous said...

cool surreal monster, very pretty!

Susan Schwake said...

wow, thank you all for the nice comments! i will try harder next friday ... if the illio moves me..

Anonymous said...

Hello Susan,
It's a snowman monster! It makes me think with marshmallow! So good!Nice illo!I love!
Good day

The Unknown said...

Does that monster come out a lot? Great illo.