March 15, 2006

Dem bugs
The butterflies, moths and bugs
of Cilla Stiles

Cilla is one of the most multitalented artists I know. She can sew anything, paint, dye, knit, batik, draw, most anything -- even make the prettiest and yummiest California rolls ever!
Her new home is the single most stunning home I have ever been in. It captures who the family is and visually entices you to poke into every room for more. It is a display of both Cilla and her husband Phil's work. Phil is a photographer and we will look at some of his work another day. (Sorry Phil! This is about Cilla!) ...
Cilla creates things in series until she is bored and starts another project.
Her big ideas now relate to the natural world. Starting with the insects, moving through the fish and what they eat - fly category manifesting itself in a line of handbags which she will be marketing the patterns. Larger mammals and their ancient remains is in the development stages at the moment too.
Her framed miniature sculptures of butterflies will be on display soon at artstream's art to wear/home decor show. Here is a shot I took of Cilla in her studio a couple of weekends ago when we went to examine her bug collection and have a Sunday brunch. (Yes, that IS a shocking pink headless soft sculpture lady reclining behind her on the left which she made).
Each one of these beauties hangs in hand painted frames she has made and sealed with georgeous art papers on the back. They are wonderful as one, a pair of two, or as Ulla was talking about yesterday in her blog, three make a group. Cilla has an entire small wall in her spacious entryway/hallway filled with a grouping of her more insect/moth like pieces. They are part of her impeccable collection of unique furniture, rugs, and art which Cilla has designed her home around. Cilla is an accomplished artist, fabulous cook, (I think I owe her no less than four meals ...) and wonderful friend.

****addition**** I have already received emails about where to buy these bugs ... you can do so from us at artstream. They range from $75 -$120. I will post (as soon as they come through the door) a photo montage at my typepad site for purchase. We ship worldwide. Most likely she will be by later this week so I will get right on it!

The word for the day is ... imagine ... like bugs for art, world peace and everyone having the job they really enjoyed.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh Susan, these are breathtaking! Do tell, where can one purchase them? from you? Cilla sounds like a true kindred spirit, how lucky you are to share in her visions and meals...

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

the butterfly has crafted its own new style colorful cocoon!
I wish it would fly over here and land on my shoulder!

Anonymous said...

Cilla is my cousin and I am sooooo proud of her. We in her family have long known what a talented fiber artist she is. Thank you for making the world aware.

Anonymous said...

'Cilla, Dem bugs is gorgeous. Our daughter Barbra delights in the four you gave her to decorate her home in assisted living. You're a delight too. Coop