February 18, 2006

"One's identity is like a quilt, formed slowly over time. Scraps of fabric are carefully collected from here and there, similar to the way in which we are influenced by relationships with others, our environment and our history". - Kim Ferreira

This is Kim Ferreira. Artist, owner of Three Graces Gallery in Portsmouth,NH and all around sweetie.
Her self portraits are a wonderful expression of her painterly style and brings us closer to the inside person - Kim. When you get a moment, you should look inside her online gallery of images of her paintings which show the many moods and interior spaces she has chosen to paint.
This painting is entitled "Blue" and is oil on canvas, 14" x 11" for $350.

Kim has taken the old Pierce Gallery on Market Street and turned it into a haven for fine quality art with a broad spectrum of styles and custom framing. Her framing is the best around. And I love the themes and exhibitions which she so carefully puts together. I am sure that when the out-of-towners stroll by her gallery that they take a double take as well with her exquisite "Artist Window" She has artists create statements in her window each month with a concept - visually illustrated. My favorite to date was Tim Christensen - Kirby's birds ... but more about him next week.
If you are on the seacoast, do drop by The Three Graces Gallery. You will be sure to walk out with something you will cherish for a lifetime, and tell Kim that Susan sent you.

The word for the day is ... Transform ... as in a special space, yourself, or your conditions.


Anonymous said...

Thanx for showing these. I really enjoy Kim's style and can relate to the tone. While Blue is very cool, I am particularly fond of Artist in Despair and Night Painting. I'll try to remember to bring them up when the class meets again.

Susan Schwake said...

Thanks for looking in! Kim is going to have a show next year at her gallery with Jane Kaufmann... it should be a wonderful thing!