February 11, 2006

"A cup of sake, a morsel of sushi and thou...." Nick Park has a way with still life. He brings the viewer to the table of life and compels you to sit down and stay a while. This oil painting is 38" square and is framed in a floating black frame.
Nick has a pallete which speaks to me. It is personal, yet it is everyman. The handling of the space and objects give the viewer a sense of arrival.
Nick works in oils as well as etchings and monotypes. His works range from landscape to figure and still life with a great sense of his own style and view of the world. We have had his works in many exhibitions throughout the past two years (see our past exhibitions ) and hope to see very soon what he has been up to in the great city of San Fransisco! The work I am showing you here is entitled "Still life with a Sake cup" in oil and is $500. For more information please contact us at artstreamstudios.com

The word for the day is ... "Prost!" ... hey! it is Saturday after all ... tip one for me!

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