September 22, 2009

Naoko :: sweet notecards in a beauty of a box

Here is a little about the Brooklyn based artist: Since Naoko was little, she has been fascinated with creating things on used paper. After long experiments with paper and inks, she established a way to draw on used paper bags without losing their color and texture. Her "brown paper bag collection" combines the rebirth of something old into new, creating images that project the beauty of life. 
These little notes are simply beautiful with a nature theme, recycled papers  and the bonus for me (as a confirmed container addict) is the re-useable box. It's adorable! I think it would be perfect for the wayward hair ties which seem to fly all over our home. And of course the bird motif fits my constant craving for all things avian!  Find them here at teNeues Publishing!


red-handed said...

These are great. I love the feel of paper bags (and the unwaxed side of butcher paper, for that matter).

Susan Schwake said...

totally agree -- the paper bag feel is great and the box. oh the box! so nice!

Susan Schwake said...
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