September 23, 2009

Pixie Campbell :: artist interview

Today we have Pixie Campbell on board for our latest edition of artist interviews from the Vision of Squam show. She was good enough to send us over some of her photographs too of her work. So without further ado - here's Pixie!

1. What is your earliest memory of art making?
My earliest GREAT memory is of using pastels in second grade to create two
owls on a branch. I loved using something other than crayons to create
2. What is your medium of choice?
I love acrylic paints, plain old graphite pencils and oil pastels. I like
to mix many mediums :)

3. What are your greatest inspirations for your work?
color. Color. COLOR. and nature.

4. What is playing in rotation these days while you are working?
Believe it or not, I prefer to work in silence. It's so rare here! Ben
Harper gets a spin when I'm not deep in problem-solving thought. And Jack
Johnson of any kind. I like sexy man music!

5. What does a good art making day look like for you?
A good art making day (or night, in my case) begins with a somewhat
organized studio- not a must, but it improves my confidence about what I
think I can get done. I like to start and finish a piece in one sitting,
and I will often work half the night to complete it-so having a chunk of
time is key. Not being interrupted by fussy little elves who refuse to
sleep makes for better art making! Sometimes cookies aid me, as well. You
know, just the right kind. Sweets are my muses! Feeling generally inspired
and carrying an idea about what I'd like to make almost always results in
a great session.

6. Who are your favorite artists - living and dead?
My very favorite dead artist is probably Picasso. I think I may have been
his pet in a past life or something. I'm just drawn to him, arrogance and
all. But I also love Frida Kahlo, simply for how raw she seemed to be.
My favorite living artist at the moment is Bernadette Watts because her
style (from 20 odd years ago) is so rough and expressive, while being
juxtaposed in classic stories. She sort of de-fluffs the typical approach
to illustrating fairytales, which I really respond to. I also love Sarah
Fanelli's work. I have many of their books strewn about my studio like
partners on my journey with me! There are so many artists whose work we
now have access to that are beyond my own vocabulary, I can hardly touch
this question :)

7. Greatest advice given to you which you would like to pass along?
I have held onto so many gems.... but regarding art, I think that I'd like
to recommend borrowing courage if you lack the amount you need to get
started. You can always pay it back later :)

Thanks so much Pixie for being part of the Vision of Squam artist interviews!

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