March 06, 2012

Delightful weekends

the book!
artwork by Daisy Adams and student

artwork by Flossy-P and student

Good morning! The sun is shining here in a spring-like way which of course makes a wonderful backdrop for my almost-open forsythia stems we brought in last week. It is so rewarding this morning to sit with a cup of tea and think back on the past few day's events. Saturday was the real launch of my book with the pages "exploded" all over the gallery walls in the form of the original art.

All of the student artwork and contributing artist's work were paired up throughout the gallery and studios. Many of the artists and students came to the opening as well (thank you all so much!) as enjoyed signing each other's books. And this is just the beginning... I have  many events planned this month and next and beyond that I set up a page at the book's website. Feel free to pop over and take a peek!

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