August 10, 2010

100 fish

Each year we (my daughters and I) make small clay tokens for the Rochester Children's reading program at the library. One year it was aliens, the next small traffic cones and then tokens. This year's theme was involving the ocean so we made fish. This all comes from my childhood in Cedar Rapids Iowa where the local public library handed out such items after reading a designated amount of books. I always loved our library as a child and also now as an adult. So it's fitting to give back. This year we ran out of time and so some have more detail than others. I think they all made a big splash however ... (pardon the pun) Thanks have to go to Bella too as she helped out with half of them! Stay tuned for big news about The Art Weekend - registration is OPEN!


Geek+Nerd said...

That is so sweet. I love that you've taken something from your childhood and replicated it for a new generation. The children must love it!

catnap said...

Whooaaa. How did I ever stumble across this? I was clicking through someone's list of favorite sites, skimming through some to see if it was something I'd like, and I came to yours. Skim through, stop to read about the fish cause they're really cute and I wondered what it was about.
Boing. I lived in Cedar Rapids for three years, in elementary school, and I remember fondly the summer reading programs, too. Yes yes yes, those little trinkets they gave away. I loved them, too! I vaguely remember a sea-themed summer. What a good soul you are to be recreating that magic now. Even at 55 I still love little trinkets like this, especially animals (I still think of them by our silly childhood name of animoos). Awwwwwwhhh. You just brought back some happy memories of three years living in CR. Thanks.

Susan Schwake said...

very cool catnap that you remember those little ceramic pieces! i lived in the monroe elementary district - where were you?
thanks for stopping by my blog ... Susan