March 13, 2009

Clay Sculptures :: student style

Bella's Garden Mountain
It never ceases to amaze me what my students can do. In January our gallery had six new sculptures by Megan Bogonovich on display.

Kaitlyn's Peace Mountain
My students love her work (as do millions of others...) and have been captivated by them each time they come into class.

Jake's "impossible par 3 Mountain"
So, I had a hair brained idea sometime that month that perhaps we could try smaller versions of Megan's complex clay sculptures. Knowing full well that nothing in clay or sculpture can always be 100% successful first time out of the box.

Willow's pigpile Mountain
This week after much working, four of the students ages 10 - 15 completed their "mountains" as we grew to call them. They measure about 14 inches tall each. I will let the photos do the talking. They are really something!
Happy Friday all!

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