April 02, 2010

What April brings ...

happy happy birthday mom! her cake we celebrated last night... recipe at http://www.weekdayfood.blogspot.com
i just adore scaffolding. no idea why. rusty metal perhaps?
plaster disaster!
Kim Westad's spring green vase
from Lisa Congdon
Oh April, how we have waited for you! Through the rains and pains of March we (not so quietly) waited. Boo hiss March -- yay! April. We are in the construction mode at the moment at the gallery. Repairs on the old girl (she's 106 now) are underway before our new exhibit opens next week: Fragmentary Blue by Lisa Congdon and new porcelain by Kim Westad. It's also my mother's birthday today so there is just so much to celebrate. Remember to go out and enjoy the sunshine, be happy and plant a flower. It's time!

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