September 18, 2009

Jenica McKenzie :: artist interview

jenica hard at work
Today's interview is with Jenica McKenzie - a member of the Vision of Squam Show and participant in the 2008 SAW -(and was in my painting class!). She answers some questions and sent along some lovely photos of her inspiration and her own artwork too! Her work can be found in our shop and her etsy shop as well as her own website!

What was your first memory of art making?

unfortunately my earliest memory of art making was in a first grade class, i was reprimanded for playing with clay when i was supposed to be working on something else. i've used this memory to remind me that children should be allowed to play and explore!

What are your favorite materials and medium?

i am a self admitted paper whore, i love to touch and smell it! i have collected boxes worth of different types, weights, colors, and textures. this in combination with my mediums of choice-- acrylic paint and elmers glue-- create bliss unmeasured for my heart.

Who are and what are your greatest inspirations?

my children are my greatest inspirations and consequently some of my favorite artists. they move freely with their art never feeling like they don't measure up, never afraid to get messy and create something beautiful, never allowing someone else's expectations to hold them down. i'm inspired by their mantra: it's ok to get messy! and as i move forward with my art they burst with pride for me and it in turn inspires them to create something new. perfect synergy. i am inspired by artists that allow their whole soul to be shown, thus i'm a sucker for dancers as well.
What's playing in rotation in your studio?

my playlist for creating art is sure to include: the bird and the bee, incubus, ingrid michaelson, radiohead, muse, beck, cake, ben harper, adele, and priscilla ahn.

What does a good art day look like to you?

i'm an extreme extrovert, so a good art making day is in the company of others. this is why i created RAW: Random Art Workshops, to connect and inspire artists. i love the idea of encouraging one another towards success and learning techniques from each other. but i also need to create art in the quiet night time moments of solitude; crank some music and let the paint flow.

Finally, best advice you have been given that you would like to pass on?

greatest advice i've ever been given? to realize that we as humans are made to create, it's part of our nature. so don't dismiss it, don't push it aside, just go with the flow and get messy!

Thanks so much  Jenica for your beautiful insight!

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kelly barton art + design said...

jenica was supposed to hop in my pocket so i could bring her back home with me. i am missing her already.