September 04, 2009

Good bye to the Deep South and thanks ...

meryl truet photography

Well, we have been packing up and shipping - unpacking and hanging - for the past week and so my postings have been a little sparse to say the least! But it's summer still. The nip is in the early morning air, but enough warmth radiates by 9 to keep us on summer hours until after the long weekend. Stretch it out as long as you can - light one more fire for a BBQ and run to the beach if you dare sort of weather.
The Deep South exhibition was one of our most visited exhibits. The work was phenomenal and we are so grateful to Grace Bonney for curating this regional wonderment which invaded our Northeastern Gallery. Thank you Grace, Tim, Merryl,Haylie, Stephanie, Denise, Natalie, Emily, and Katie for making this summer a truly beautiful one! 

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