April 09, 2009

Jennifer Judd-McGee :: Jen-terview

photograph by Jennifer Judd-McGee
I decided to try and run some Jen-terviews - in my "fast five style" -- on some of the fabulous Jennifers who make up the Jen11 show now showing at artstream. Jen Judd-McGee popped her's back super fast so she is kicking off the set of interviews. Stay tuned in the days to come we will have more!

1.Your name and your business title if you have another name for your work.
jennifer judd-mcgee // swallowfield

2. What art do you find really exciting right now?
liquid acrylics, vintage stitch books, and spring buds. the extra sunshine is great too!

3. What sort of day is a good art day for you?
a good art day is when i start off in a clean work space or make a new discovery while playing around with materials. i love those 'click' moments. wish they happened more often!

4. Do you like working out of your normal medium? if so what do you play
painting with encaustics or doing some linoleum block printing are both fun distractions for me.

5. What are you listening to for music currently?
bon iver, iron and wine, the national, the clientele and oren la vie are all on heavy rotation right now.
Thanks Jen so much for being first and kicking off these Jen11 interviews!

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