December 18, 2008

Liz Kalloch - beauty in the eQuinox

Liz Kalloch's vibrant wall of art!

one evening and song of revival
These lovely mixed media paintings are part of our eQuniox exhibition - all the way from (relatively) sunny San Fransisco. How nice to feel the warmth right now here in NH from these pieces. They are a riot of color and simply radiate from the walls. I will let the photos do the talking here. All in the shop and ready to ship out right away to you!


Anonymous said...

oh I love these pieces. What interesting details and cohesive pulling in of different things.

Hope you're warm up there.

rivergardenstudio said...

Your gallery and your displays are beautiful... so nice to visit you this morning... do you ever show art from artists that are not local?? Roxanne

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I love your art work so much!
How come you use German lyrics with your paintings?



Anonymous said...

Oh! I love Liz! These are so delightful...

Anonymous said...

Lizzie...I'm sooo amazed. They are stunning.