March 02, 2008

Podcast Interview with Heather Smith Jones

Happy Monday all! I am finally turning the corner on this wretched cold, so thought I would start the week off with a bang - a new artist podcast interview with Heather Smith Jones. Heather is one of our gallery artists and we are thrilled to present her here today.
We chatted about her work and her projects a couple of weeks ago over the phone and here are the results, finally! Heather Smith Jones beautiful fine artwork can be found here in our shop. Her noticing projects can be seen at their Etsy shop. Keep up with her creative adventures at her blog too. Thank you Heather for the interview!

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Anonymous said...

OOOh - this was awesome! I loved hearing all about Heather's work, her pinhole pieces and how she and Alicia each choose their favorite photos to match up in the Noticing Project! Nice job with the interview, Susan!

Susan Schwake said...

oh thanks teeni! it's great to know you listened ... we were thinking of you when we did it!

Gallery32 said...

I have been a friend of Heather's Blogs for months. I have never met her so it was neat to hear what her voice sounded like. Great interview :)

Bibbi said...

Thank you! It was so nice to hear your voices, it was a great interwiev. I'm glad to know some heather work, I could imagine all images. Appreciated this a lot :)

Susan Schwake said...

thanks all! it's been really fun doing these podcasts and learning more about each artist.