September 26, 2007


on vintage book page 8 x 10 inches $25
click for a large image

on white archival paper 5x7 inches $15
click for a large image

After fifteen years, I finally bought myself another Gocco printer. I used it a lot in the way back machine and had been longing to fire one up again.
So here you have it, my first foray back into Gocco. It has actually been sitting her pestering me for the past month and well, time was short as you can imagine, but yesterday, I took time for myself and had so much fun.
I decided to try a little illustration I had done earlier in the year which was in response to an illustration Friday prompt.
I made an edition of 30 on white or tan archival heavyweight stock and then a few on vintage papers and some special pieces printed onto monotype backgrounds (more on those later).
Goodness knows I am a printmaker at heart. This was so much fun.
Revealing surprise #2:
I went and did it. I opened an Etsy shop. These prints and some other goodies will be available from time to time there. My affordable artworks will be there as I am very happy with gallery shows for my fine art work. Any and all feedback is always welcome.


heather smith jones said...

wow susan, that's a "yippee" surprise! Congrats on your etsy shop; that will be so much fun! I'm excited to visit it! I really like your prints and I really like the one on the book page. Gocco has got to be so much fun, I hope to try it sometime.

Susan Schwake said...

you should heather, it's really fun. i prefer silkscreen for most things, but there is just SOMETHING about gocco....
thanks for your nice words!

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

congrats on the shop...i reserved one but have yet to fill your blog and art...thanks for the dance...blessings, rebecca

Susan Schwake said...

:) rebecca!

Gretchen said...

That is such a sweet print Susan! And congrats on the shop too, I'm going to check it out. My Gocco sat around forever before I cracked it open too but once I did, I got hooked too!

Cally said...

well done you, new work, new shop, fantastic! still nigh on impossible to get gocco or supplies over here (and can't afford shipping online), oh why didn't I bring one back from canada - i was a fool. it will be wonderful to see you indulge and share your inner printmaker xxx

One Crabapple said...

No way ! I ALWAYS wanted one of these GOCCO printers...they are so awesome ! And your illustration / print here is SO Sweet.

Congratulations on getting the new printer and WHAT IS THIS I READ ?? Opened an ETSY SHOPPE too !!! ?

Super ! Have to go check THAT out now...!

xo-Love, S.

Susan Schwake said...

thank you cally! indulge is the key word here... i have been going wild with it! i remember making things in my printmaking class with them way back in college - sort of a supplement to my screenprinting class, but i guess i gave it away ages ago.. silly me!
and thanks ms. S! you are the best. :)