March 01, 2007

Alyssa Ettinger

part of the "Extreme Textile" exhibition - Porcelain by Alyssa Ettinger.
Just unpacking it now... here's a peek at the espresso cups. You have to hold them to truly appreciate them. They are so tactile and delightful to hold. Cups, plates, coasters and more!


Linda O'Neill said...

These are really nice, Susan. I love the way you photographed them too...with the crumpled paper and lighting.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting theme for a show. Sigh...wish we lived closer so that I could attend the opening.

angela said...

sweetie... it's saturday morning and i'm early to rise, after finally an evening of early to bed.

and i just missed you so much, i finally took that precious moment with a cup of coffee to come stroll thru your blog... been much too long since i've been by to visit.

your words. your discoveries. simply you in your magical way.

and then i find things like this... how beautiful. how absolutely beautiful.

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