January 18, 2007

Meghan Samson

meghan samson, "the passage" dry point/color

Meghan Samson "insectual parts of humans" mixed media
Some more of the gallery show. Megan Samson's work is organic and complex with the themes from her drypoints entwined into her sculptures. She pit fires much of her pottery work and uses wax to mold the textiles and tea bags which appear on her sculptures.
I love the delicacy of her pieces.

The word for the day is ... slow... as in national slow down week. LOVE IT. EMBRACE IT.


Anonymous said...

I wish that time slows down so that i can savour every second of the day. This week has pass by so fast for me that its not funny.

Linda O'Neill said...

Thanks for that "Slow Down Week" link, Susan. The video was a real kick!

Anonymous said...

Love Megan's work ! Really beautiful on this soft white wall as a backdrop !

Olivier aubin said...

Seen that before; nice!