December 12, 2006

Gift Ideas

egg press joy card
More shameless promotion about our shop, but hey! we have such a great group of indie artists, I just am so proud...
$3.50 each will buy you beautiful hand letterpressed or block printed cards to give or get!
$6.00 will buy you a very cool bottlecap pin!
$20 will buy you a handblown, gorgeous glass bubble by Joe Migliori - see them hang en masse in our holiday window!
$25 + up will buy you a one of a kind orb jar from Sweet Fern Pottery tiny to medium size, these are big favorites in our gallery!
Go browse the fine art from our artists and give the creative spirit this holiday.


Anonymous said...

I'm going, I'm going!

Need to purchase a few calendars...

~ LadyLinoleum

belinda said...

got the package and love it all! thanks so much. the pottery is too special as is the rest. enjoyed reading on your carribean night fun! would have been great with johnny the man, no? haha and love the freshly killed christmas tree, looks really beautiful! won't have one this year, already missed two advents.

susan said...

ooh great belinda! i am glad you are happy! yes, if johnny d was there, it would have been waaaaay different!

swampgrrl said...

can't wait to get my package. it'll make for fabulous gifts.

and yes, you're a recipient of swampgrrl art for fun so long as you do the meme and post it on your blog and continue the offer.'re it!

Anonymous said...

artstream used to be all about fine art. we have enough craft stores.

susan said...

hello anonymous,
artstream has always been about three things: design, fine art and fine crafts, and teaching fine art. bringing the arts to the greater seacoast region of nh and now, beyond!
and who is "we"?