November 29, 2006

Design Sponge/Biz Box

A huge thanks this morning to Grace Bonney of the wonderful design blog - design*sponge for asking me a few questions for her American Express Biz Box post on "Geting your Work out there". I was honored to be asked and the article is so well written that I am going to link it to my side bar for artists to reference. It's full of great tips for artists and crafts people from gallery and shop owners, She also interviewed Ryan at Elsewares, Mark from Sparkability, Rena at Rare Device - (what great company to be in!) Gallery and shop etiquette is often not taught in art schools consistently, nor is there much out there in the way of finding out "how-to" your artwork. We understand. At artstream, each month we get hundreds of emails, letters, and phone calls as well as drop ins (sorry, these are the worst) from artists from around the globe in a variety of fashions. We use a prospectus located on our site and every artist who uses one, gets our undivided attention. Thanks so much Grace!


tammy vitale said...

Great reference article - will pick up the link on my blog tomorrow. thanks!

I will say, however, that idle chat with shop owners has resulted in at least two great shops carrying my goods (no, I didn't have work with me, but was happy to supply it upon request) - does the lugging the work in make the difference?

I also know of an artist who started out this way - going into shops with here work (poem paintings) and who was able to support herself entirely within 2 years.

So while I agree with a lot of what is here, I would like to say that there are always exceptions to the rule (and her work is very very good and sells like hotcakes).

susan said...

That can be true Tammy, but with the amount of walkins we get at artstream, I could devote all my gallery hours to just reviewing work! Usually, when someone drops by with work, I am in the middle of something else. Appointments are always best! Then I can devote the time which the artist deserves to looking at their work without being distracted.

Toni said...

That was a great article on Biz Box.
Thanks Susan for posting about it.