October 25, 2006

Louise Gibb

Petal bowl image from Hidden Art Shop

Another unique find from Hidden Art. How spectacular is this? So mod, but not over the top. And they ship worldwide... made from a ceramic clay body. Looks like spring, yet stylized enough to use year round.
"Louise collaborates with other companies as a freelance designer and is currently working with an English tableware company developing products in Eastern Europe for the British market. Louise has worked in Italy as a freelance designer for eight years. As a designer-maker working for a mass market, she finds the arts and ceramics industries stimulating"


swampgrrl said...

oh baby! this looks like a keeper! where do you find this stuff?

and yes, we had so much fun tracing some of your footsteps in Brooklyn last Saturday. we're going back soon to hit the rest of the cool places you mentioned.


oh lovely!