May 27, 2006

Winter Poppies

winter poppies II acrylic,paper, ink on canvas: 16" x16"x2.5" 3/2006
(click twice for close up)

More Poppies from the second series. In February and March, I found that our weather had really made me feel a bit anxious. I wanted for color and summer, yet it was still winter here in New Hampshire. So I made a little summer of my own in my studio. They got me through to April.
I used some college elements in all of the poppy paintings for texture. I like to begin with that sometimes. I have an affinity for paper. **additionally*** the painting is on canvas, which I didn't make clear before!

The word for the day is ... fern ... as in a beautiful plant in the woods, a color of green which can be used anywhere and the name of Wilbur's best friend, after Charlotte of course.


Anonymous said...

Susan, This is very pretty ! I love using acrylics on paper with ink, one of my favorite ways to express.Keep up the great work ! :)

andrea said...

I love this series the best. And I love poppies, ok I just love ALL flowers.
These almost look like they were done in watercolors. Perhaps poppies in the rain?
Love the colors too.

andrea said...

What really grabs me about this is the delicate feathered edges.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

The double click surprised me, I thought the painting was a watercolor..then I saw the brush strokes and the intensity of color...very impressive edges, just like a flower...light and wispy.

frank h said...

i was revising latest posting at your blog
all of them are wonderful!
my fav is "winter poppies"
did you finish "sorry"? - it es another rep of your splendid art.


gasp! I've always loved flowers in any form, and these winter poppies are just too gorgeous!

Lynne Taetzsch said...

Hi Susan,

I love your poppies, too! They are so lush and vivid, yet soft at the same time. Being an abstract artist myself, I love the way they melt into a beautiful abstract composition as well.

I'm glad I discovered your blog. You can see mine at All About Art.


jordan - kolok gallery said...

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