May 25, 2006

Poetry break

"two " egg tempera on museum board 18 by 24 inches

this post was inspired by finding PoetryThursday
I have not written a poem in awhile, but after looking at their blog
thought, hey, why not? ... i mean why not indeed?
it's like a canvas or new paper. what's the worst that can happen?
i mean, hey you might fail! oh dear! then what? what indeed?
so here goes. something inspired by my painting above as well as their facinating site!

soft breath leaves no traces
on the window
at the station.

where the tracks had led
through inky holes.

snake like paths
bend, twist
right, then left, then right again.

trees flick past one, two, three, ten
faster and faster until they blend into

the smoky chalk buildings holding
bronze reflections of the motion
flying past.

exhale. the window fogs gently.
shapes push past one another, moving with
the rhythm of the tracks.

a divide in the masses.
a small black and white form
a face, a hand, a smile,

Susan Schwake-Larochelle


Jim Brock said...

Wonderful first contribution: the visual quality of the imagery is especially powerful and fluid. Thanks!

kerry said...

i found a link to your site through poetry thursday's page. your artwork is breathtaking. and your poem made me stop and pause for the first time all day i think. so thank you, for that. i love that it starts with "Quiet,". I found myself letting the poem instruct me to quiet myself inside, and then came the instruction to exhale. just wanted you to know i loved your post... excited to have found your blog.

Visual-Voice said...


This painting is just so wonderful, as is the poem. I am so glad I found your blog, and as it is with so many wonderful things in this life, I can't remember how or where or when I found you. It was just one of those quirky, random, delicious things... thank you for your creativity. It is wonderfully delicious that you offer your gifts up for our consumption here.

liz elayne lamoreux said...

i love poems that bring us to our breath...reminding us to pause.
thank you for sharing this one.
Welcome to Poetry Thursday...can't wait to read what you write next.

(and this painting is beautiful)

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Susan! Okay your time is up, that is it...Promise you will do poetry with your paintings everyday...I am falling in love and don't want it to end!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, I have a feeling of a peaceful moment being stretched out in time while the rest of the world whisks away. I love it! And your recent abstracts rock, especially love the bean/bird and flowers! You are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Such lovely daydreams your poem brought into my mind. You definitely should include these more often!

Loved the poppy painting!

(found you from Corey's blog)

Verity said...

Wow, a gorgeous mapping of a journey, time moving, yet staying still, also very visual.

White Square said...

A very promising beginning..I love looking at your paintings..i can say that you are very talented..
looking forward for more..
best wishes!

angela said...

susan... this is beautiful.

reminitions of haikus, broken thoughts, and the motion of words... much like emotions. of moving towards something, searching, however knowing it is there. like reaching a destiny of destination.

it's beautiful susan... just like you, your art, your colour and your world!



Kristine said...

great painting