April 10, 2014

Art {retreat} Camp - a breath of fresh air

Painting on the Beach with Mati McDonough

It's time again to sign up for summer camp. Yes. Enroll yourself in summer camp just like a kid! Roam a private island filled with trees and hills and jumpstart your nap rituals again. Your yoga practice. Learn wonderful creative ways to express yourself through exciting art workshops with some of the finest instructors in the world. Be with other creative types who like yourself, may have not (for a long time?) or ever picked up a paintbrush and reconnect with yourself! 

There are so many things I could tell you about this beautiful island - but maybe just maybe you will come explore them for yourself. Watch the video. Be inspired. Join our intimate (only 25 campers!) group of campers who are waiting for August with anticipation. Watch the video for some snippets of last year's adventure! Read what people had to say about it from last year (scroll down). Sign up here at ARC.

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