November 08, 2013

The Eric Carle Museum Workshop Visit

A couple of weekends ago Rainer and  I travelled over to the Western side of Massachusetts for a book signing and hands on workshop a the Eric Carle Museum of picture book art.

The lovely ladies at the studio at the Carle
 It was the second time they have invited me and I was absolutely thrilled to be asked back this year with my second book:  Art Lab for Little Kids.

We drove out to Williamstown to stay at a friend's place and enjoyed the quiet beauty of the area and the light! Oh the light in the Berkshires! It rivals anything I have ever seen anywhere.
 The next morning we headed out for Amherst. TheArt Lab for Littles -  together and everyone left with a colorful drawing in hand.
museum is a lovely place to spend an afternoon with famly and so many families from NYC to NH were there that day. We all made Buttermilk Chalk Drawings - the first lesson in my second book Art Lab for Little Kids. It was a lesson that I did as a child with my mom and it is a whole lot of fun!
 Some of the chalk was quite wet and left lovely swirls in the buttermilk cups!
 Some of the participants let me take their photos in front of the Aviary Wall which was stunning!

 The art studio is nothing short of incredible and the families really have a ton of choices of what to make and to try out inside the space. It's a joy to create inside this lovely studio!

 Over in the gift shop Rainer insisted on a photo of their incredible display (thank you ECM!) of my books.  This gift shop is the ultimate art - kids - parents- treasure trove of wonderful books, toys and games for kids of all ages. Huge thanks to everyone at the Art Studio for a wonderful day!

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