June 17, 2013

Five Fast Ones with Rebecca Emberley!

I am thrilled to share a quick interview with the fabulous Rebecca Emberley - artist, illustrator, children's book author of over 30 books - and one of our top notch instructors at ARC this summer! Not familiar with her work? Take a peek here and here. She's a force of nature and what she has to offer you in her workshops this summer will be life changing! Interested in children's book publishing? This is THE class for you!

Without further ado here's a little bit about Rebecca!

Who are you and where are you from and what are your materials of choice?

Rebecca Emberley from  Southern Maine - I work with paper, fabric, wood, lots of things

1. What is your most fond memory of camp?

Archery - probably couldn't hit the side of a barn now, but at 12 I loved the twang of the bow, the arrow sailing through the trees...and gimp, remember gimp?

2. What do you want to share with your students at ARC?

The knowledge I've acquired surrounding the "business" of art, along with using art in your everyday life even if you don't consider yourself an artist.

3. What is your favorite  outdoor summer activity?

 Beach...sitting, sleeping, reading, swimming, fires, BEACH

4. What's on your nightstand?

I just finished "How to be Good"  by Nick Hornby very interesting questions posed, coconut oil - heals everything, vast collection of earrings

5. What are your current artistic endeavors include?

So much going on! I started a publishing imprint this year - Two Little Birds Books, which includes 3 illustration projects and I just found out that one of my books will be made into a musical

Wow! How cool is that? Thanks Rebecca for being part of our five fast ones and ARC! We are so honored!

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