May 06, 2013


Amy Ruppel and Rachel Blumberg toasting!
me - readjusting Lisa Solomon's work
Looking back this weekend on 10 years of hard work in the arts was a funny, sad, joyrful, crazy, delightful time! Reminiscing through all 80 - yes 80 count 'em exhibits and countless changes in our business, Rainer and I feel as though we have hit our stride. Saturday was a blast - for those of you who didn't make it to the exhibit, don't feel left out! All the work is online right here and here at our shop.

Rachel Blumberg and Jane Eslinger
We love our littlest patrons!
Judith Andrews 
the incredible Amy Ruppel (it was her birthday too...)
 There was much merriment to celebrate on Saturday night with one of our favorite artists from the past Amy Ruppel and introducing our newest favorite Rachel Blumberg to our gallery. It was a super fun way to usher in the next ten years and we certainly want to thank all of our friends, clients, students and patrons for their support of our dreams!  Huge thanks to Amy for coming out from Portland, OR and all the other artists for their support as well!

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