December 06, 2011

Our opening for "Secrets" and the "Holiday Art Show" last Saturday was an absolute blast! Over 100 people attended the event, which coincided with Art Stroll (first Saturday of the month art!) in Rochester. We were thrilled with the support (thanks to all of you who came out!) and also to artists who are participating in the shows. Below are a few photos from the night - and some captions! Enjoy!
 Moe Clancey from NH and her clan came to the opening! Her beautiful paintings are right here.
Jennifer Stevens-Curwood and guests admiring her Peter Pan sculpture. Below Jane Kaufmann and Jennifer pose for a quick shot in front of a variety of small works by Jennifer. See them at the shop too!
Jane Kaufmann and Jennifer Stevens-Curwood : aka "Secrets" exhibition! You really need to experience this show in person at the gallery - but if you are in Australia or Europe you can see a bit more of it here.


Tamara said...

Wow, over 100 people attended, that is so great for an art show! What a unique Peter Pan sculpture by Jennifer Stevens-Curwood.

moe said...

It was a blast to come up and meet you and see your beautiful space.

I loved all the stuff by Jane Kaufman ... she's a hoot!

Moe (pssst ... from NJ)

susanna said...

Congratulations on your show and sale, Susan! Moe told me that she had a terrific time (finally) meeting you and seeing the beautiful artwork in your gallery. I think she bought several things...I'll have to ask about them next time I'm visiting her.