December 09, 2010


Good Morning! For the next few days I wanted to point out a few of the IPS3 artists in the gallery. Kicking off with these pretty hand printed pieces by Sam Hirst of Inklore. I love her use of linen and color. A few words from Sam too about herself below - enjoy!

Hi there, my name is Sam. I am a block print artist living with my wonderful husband and adorable children in San Jose, California. When I'm not blogging, designing, or printing I enjoy all of the small pleasures of life: warm bread, fresh basil from the garden, a finished project, something pretty for my home, clean sheets, a good hearty laugh, or a cup of tea and good book.

When I started Inklore in 2008 it was with the intention of hand crafting items that add pleasure to everyday living. Whether it is a new cushion for your sofa, a hand printed card for your friend’s birthday, or a modern growth chart to keep track of how fast your children are growing, everything I make at Inklore is meant to help you and those you love savor each and every day.

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red-handed said...

So nice and light ...